Finger Sprain

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A sprain involves injury to a joint capsule and supporting ligaments and tendons of the area. Usually finger sprains occur by a blow to the tip of a finger or by a violent twist of a finger ( a” jammed” finger). Depending of the severity of the sprain, there is often joint pain, swelling, and discoloration. Due to pain and swelling, the joint is painful to move.
Although it may seem logical to pull a finger or thumb bone back into place, DO NOT try to reduce or put the bone back in its joint. You may cause further damage to the bone, joint, or underlying tissue by reducing a dislocation yourself. Splint the dislocated finger or thumb in its current position, place ice over the area, and refer the athlete to a physician for x-rays. Allow trained medical personnel to reduce a thumb or finger dislocation. Expect the athlete to wear some type of splint over the area to help the joint and supporting ligaments to heal.

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