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Below is a list of first aid items you should have in a basic medical first aid kit. The first aid kit should be available in areas where it is most likely needed, such as at your practice and game site or exercise area. In addition to the list outlined below, you may wish to add other items particular to your sport/activity or needs of athletes. For example, sunscreen, insect repellant, and bee sting treatment items might be added to a kit used for outdoor sports; mouth guards and foam padding might be added to a kit used for football; contact lens wetting solution and contact lens case; and the like. It is recommended that inventory of the first aid kit and documentation of inventory be completed frequently to ensure that it is fully stocked for events.

Emergency Medical Information. It is recommended to have an emergency information card available for each member of your team stored in the first aid kit. The card is provided to an emergency health care provider if the parent or guardian is not present and emergency care is needed. Record the following information for each athlete on a small 3x5 card: Name of the athlete and name, address, and contact home/work/cell phone number of parent and/or guardian; insurance information; special medical considerations and medical conditions of the athlete such as allergic reactions to medicine, diabetes, etc. Finally, a parent/guardian signature should be included on the card indicating permission to provide emergency care to their son/daughter in case they cannot be reached.

Common items to have in your first aid kit:

Wound Care
Disposable latex or vinyl gloves
Adhesive bandages of various sizes
Gauze pads
First aid cream/ointment
Hydrogen peroxide/cleansing solution
Cotton-tipped swabs
Small trash bags
Bleach solution for clean-up
Eye wash
Tongue blades/depressor

Injury Care
CPR Mask/Barrier
Athletic tape
Pre wrap
Elastic wraps (4"/6")
Instant ice packs
Various splints (finger)
Arm sling
Save-A-Tooth containter

Safety pins
Pen light

Writing pen and paper
Hard candy and/or box of fruit juice
First Aid manual
Cellular/mobile phone
Emergency telephone number (if no 911 available)

Blood pressure cuff & stethoscope
Tape adherent spray
Heel & lace pads
Stretch or flexible athletic tape

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